Hot Yoga for Healing.

Hello there!

If you have been reading my posts, you’ll notice this has been year of transitions, changes in my life, and a search for plenitude. Almost four years ago, I started getting involved in the “fitness” lifestyle. I had a personal trainer twice a week, and the rest of the days I trained by myself; my body had a lot of physical and mental changes in this process, but after a while, I reached a plateau so I started pushing myself harder. When my internship began, I had no time to train in the afternoons, so I woke up at 3:30 am twice a week to be able to exercise with my P.T.. I also did Pilates for about three months, and when the morning training go to hard, I started training with a friend of mine who became a P.T. and she also gave me a strict diet to follow. After not seeing any results, and feeling tired and stressed about my body all the time, I realised that my current state was not only due to the way I ate, but also to the way I was training and how it made my mind and body stressed all the time, which only resulted in a bad body image that perpetuated the cycle.

After my first visit to a bioenergetic therapist, I became aware of how imbalanced my energies were, and how many of the things that were making me feel angry, sad or uncomfortable had an explanation in the experiences I have been having throughout my life. I started a process which helped me reach the following conclusion: I have to find a way to accept myself in every aspect of what makes me, ME, and when I manage to do this, I’ll be able to stop looking for perfection and have a positive body image too. 

Where does hot yoga come into all this reflecting about life?

One of the most known benefits of hot yoga is detoxification. Not only does sweating release toxins from your body, but it also helps you disconnect from the “outside world” by establishing a link between your body and your mind. This is precisely what I’m looking for: different ways of understanding myself, accepting and improving what I can in order to heal and balance my energies.

In Evolation Yoga, the studio where I’ve been practicing, they offer different yoga classes but the ones that I’ve been taking are Bikram and Hot Vinyasa Flow. This are some of their benefits:

  • Mental: 
    – Reduce Cortisol (stress hormone) and binge eating, by lowering stress levels which can generate emotional eating
    – Help you sleep better
    – Better attention and control
  • Physical:
    – Elimination of toxins
    – Heat prevents muscular injuries
    – Elevated heart rate, which makes the body work harder
    – Improve breathing and focus the mind
    – Develop tone, strength and flexibility along with a cardiovascular workout

info yoga

Up to this point I believe it is evident that practicing hot yoga is a perfect solution for my current state. After three weeks of doing Bikram and Vinyasa three times a week, I have felt changes in my mood, my anxiety levels, and it has made me more conscious of the need of being aware of how we are feeling every day, and controlling our thoughts to bring positive energy not only for ourselves but for those around us. The physical part of this process is still challenging for me, but I strongly believe that changes take time, so that is why I’m focusing this time and energy in healing inside, so that I can feel better on the outside.

If you have any thoughts or opinions about any of the topics I mentioned in this post, I’m glad to receive them.

Until next post ❤


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