22 Day Revolution Challenge.

If you follow me on Instagram (if you don’t, go to @grumbling.bellies), you’ll see that I decided to start a 22 day challenge, which consists of three plant-based meals for these days, which are strategically put together to create a balanced and complete menu for each day. There is also ONE snack per day, if needed, which includes nuts, fruits, cut veggies with hummus or smoothies.

22 day

This challenge was created by Marco Borges (with Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s support) for people who want to “adopt and commit to a plant-based diet in just 22 days”. Counting today, I have been eating an almost 100% plant-based diet for a month and 9 days, to be exact, so the reason I decided to take part on the challenge was not for the purpose stated before. To be honest, I have started as many diets, plans or challenges, as there exist, but I was never successful because deep down I knew that they were just fad diets leading me to one consequence: bingeing. But when I found the 22 Day Revolution book, and started reading it, I felt this was an opportunity for me to prove I can follow a plan and be successful, and the reason for me to do it didn’t have to be to slim down or reach a certain weight, but just to see how new eating habits could have a positive impact in my body as well as on my mind.

On the other hand, if this program could make me feel like Beyoncé, why not give it a try?

beyThe 22 Day Revolution book introduces the reader to the many health benefits a plant-based diet can have on our bodies, and how many pandemic illnesses (such as diabetes, obesity or cancer) can be reduced and even reverted through this kind of diet. Borges doesn’t just state these facts as his opinion, he mentions the many studies that have been made for more than 30 years, showing how bad an animal-based diet can be for our species. (If you want more information on this, I recommend reading The China Study by T. Colin Campbell and Thomas M. Campbell II, and watching documentaries such as What The HealthCowspiracy or Food Matters, all found in Netflix).

After this introduction, the author gives a detailed 22 day meal plan with motivating strategies and recipes, based on the principle that it takes 21 days to make or break a habit. The program’s promise goes as follows: ” With this program, you will lead a healthier, more energetic, and more productive life—helping you to live the life you want, not just the one you have.”

Through weekly posts, I’ll be showing you my progress, my experience with the recipes and the food I’ll be eating, and give you my opinion on this program. My hopes are the following:

  • I’ll be able to reduce my sugar intake by controlling my meals (three meals a day plus a snack)
  • I’ll create commitment and consciousness through a 22 day “mission” for myself
  • I’ll continue to feel, and increase, the health benefits that this way of life offers
  • I’ll discover new recipes that I can keep using to have a wide selection to chose from
  • I’ll feel more comfortable with my body (mentally and physically)

Thank you for reading, and hope you follow the process and are interested in the topic. Best of vibes!

To watch documentaries:




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