My Story.

If I try to remember my beginnings as an aspiring “chef”, my mind automatically goes to when I was a kid and failed again an again at preparing a batch of Betty Crocker brownies that wasn’t burnt. My family is not a family of cooks, however, my grandfather is Italian and cooking is in his blood, or at least food. I think my biggest way to connect with him has always been talking about it, especially about ice cream, and I love to try his family recipes that, according to him, nobody will ever prepare as his mother did.

I’ve always been a sucker for sweets, I love desserts, but four years ago eating habits completely changed. I got involved in the whole “fitness” world, and with this I was much more interested into cooking because, as all I thought about was having a healthy lifestyle, I was always looking for healthy options that would replace my cravings for an ice cream sandwich, a brownie or a banana bread.

After becoming obsessed and losing a lot of weight, regaining it and not being able to stabilise, I found myself in a situation in which I knew I had to find balance. On my personal life, I had had really positive changes, I was (and am) completely happy. However, the way I was eating did not satisfy me because I was anxious all the time, which led me to be unhappy with my physical appearance. As a result of all this, and many other reasons that I will explain later, I decided to learn about and experiment with a “vegan” diet.

This is a word I don’t like because it is a way of stereotyping or encapsulating us as if our lifestyle had to be governed by a category. So, I did not really become a “vegan”, I just decided to remove those foods that I don’t think benefit me or nourish me, as a diet that is based on whole and plant based foods does.

In short, this blog is a new stage of my life, in which I want to experiment with recipes that I believe can help us all to eat in a fun and healthy way, without making life a constant “diet”, but rather a journey of finding balance in all aspects of life. Eating must be a space to share and enjoy, not a subject of obsessions or frustrations that generate anxiety and unhealthy patterns. Welcome, and enjoy!


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