Oatmeal Blueberry Vegan Cookies.

Decadent, chewy, healthy cookies, which can be prepared with your favorite toppings, and enjoyed for breakfast, as a snack or dessert…

22 Day Revolution – Week 1.

Welcome to my first week’s experience of the 22 Day Revolution Challenge. Hope it’s useful for those feeling motivated to start this lifestyle!

22 Day Revolution Challenge.

This is the first challenge I commit to that really gives me a feeling that it will benefit me. Join me to see my progress, my perception and my experience while eating like Beyoncé…

Vegan Date Banana Bread.

This is a friend’s recipe, adapted to a vegan version which ended up being even better than the regular version. Decadent, moist and healthy, can you ask for more?

Vegan Asian Noodles.

My take on a Pad Thai, easier to prepare and full of healthy and delicious ingredients!

Bircher Müesli.

Perfect demonstration of comfort food: healthy, delicious, filling and beautiful!

My Story.

How I got to Grumbling Bellies, an explanation of my journey, an invitation for you to share this path with me.